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Stefan Müller stefan.mueller.83 at
Mon Oct 15 12:59:18 UTC 2018

>   I don't care about your Inbox in the greater
> scheme of things
but is seems others do or at least agree with me

On 15.10.2018 14:29, Ralph Seichter wrote:
> On 15.10.18 12:35, Stefan Mueller wrote:
>> In answer to Ralph's reply.
> Why not reply to my message then?
>> That is a very Gmail specific solution but, thanks god, not anyone is
>> using Gmail. For them it needs other solutions.
> No, it does not. Besides, are you trying to spin this to you looking out
> for others? :-)
> Address extensions are not GMail specific. Postfix, Sendmail, Qmail,
> maildrop, Dovecot, Courier - the list goes on - all support extensions.
> E-Mail existed long before Google Mail (which I don't use).
>> Anyway we should not focus on labeling / filtering what should
>> possible in any email application but I cannot tell how much effort
>> is needed to make it, it could be a real hassle.
> On the contrary, we should focus on filtering, and you indeed cannot
> tell, and it is no hassle. You're making more baseless assumptions here.
>> My main goal is to improve readability of my inbox.
> There we go; it is about your preferences, not some greater good. Use
> folders/labels to keep your Inbox clean, use List-Id and similar headers,
> and it all works. Frankly, existing mailing lists conventions have proven
> useful for decades, and I don't care about your Inbox in the greater
> scheme of things. ;-)
> -Ralph
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