nginx caching proxy

Gryzli Bugbear gryzli.the.bugbear at
Thu Oct 25 16:35:54 UTC 2018

Except the case when your site is returning "Vary: Accept-Encoding" for 
example and the 2 clients are using different Accept-Encoding headers  
(that's also true for whatever the Vary header is)  :)

On 10/25/18 4:20 PM, Roman Arutyunyan wrote:
> On Thu, Oct 25, 2018 at 07:21:35AM -0400, vizl wrote:
>> And how about result cache file ?
>> Will it be only 1 object in cache when 2 client GET 1 file SIMULTANEOUSLY or
>> 2 different objects in Nginx proxy_cache_path ?
> Only one response can be cached for a single key.  Once a new response is
> cached, previous one is discarded.
-- Gryzli

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