Configuration problem: request default not working

Reinis Rozitis r at
Wed Sep 26 10:32:01 UTC 2018

> I've also tried adding "/" and throwing the same error. I have also added to the
> .conf file:
> location = / {
>         include proxy_params;
>         proxy_pass http://unix:/run/gunicorn.sock; }
> before the fragment location / {......} with the same error.
> This error is very strange. The configuration is very simple, but I can not find the
> problem.

Again the error is not coming from nginx but your backend (you either didn't add the "/" handling in the right place or maybe didn't restart the gunicorn workers afterwards).

The configuration change you made doesn't make any difference in the way nginx operated before, what I meant was something like this:

location = / {
	return 301 /inicio/;

Obviously this is just a workaround and if you can manage to fix the backend this location block is not needed.


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