Nginx as Reverse Proxy for multiple servers binded to proxy using UNIX sockets - how to reached in LAN

Reinis Rozitis r at
Wed Sep 26 10:52:45 UTC 2018

> I added include for the location config files may it makes it better readable but still no clue hoiw to reach UNIX socket proxied webserver in LAN.

It's a bit unclear what is the problem or what you want to achieve?
The nginx can't connect/proxy_pass to the socket files (what's the error)?

Also I'm not sure how LAN goes together with unix socket files which are ment for local process communication (IPC) inside a single server instance. 
Is there a single server just with nginx and some other services (node/python etc) which create those socket files (/home/app1; /home/app2 ..) or you are trying to proxy some other applications which reside on other devices/servers inside LAN (to expose to WAN)?


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