Reverse proxy 404 error help!

Soon Hyouk Lee soon.hyouk at
Fri Aug 30 02:54:33 UTC 2019

Trying to get Unifi (ubiquiti networks) video controller up via nginx reverse proxy, but I keep getting 404 errors by my app.  Seems it is trying to pull css from the wrong location and getting 404 errors.  when I request [hostname]/unifi/ it goes to a white page but doesn't give me an explicit error, so the location block is working to pull up a base static page, but clearly not anything else is functioning.

Error log shows that the css files needed are being referenced using the root directory defined in the '/' location block rather than the root specified in the '/unifi/' location block.  Looking at network developer tools in chrome / firefox shows 404 errors for css pages being called by the app.

Can anyone provide some much needed assistance?  I've been at this for hours, changing various things in the config without any progress!  Not sure if it's just syntax associated with the rewrite or if it's something more fundamental.  If I change the root to the app's appropriate directory at the '/' location block then some of the 404 errors are eliminated.  I will also need to figure how to get websocket to work for this once I can get the login page to load.

nginx config below:

error log from nginx below:

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