NGINX not passing header to proxy

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Thu Jan 3 23:17:44 UTC 2019

  This problem was resolved with the help of the cloud provider. Turns out I
need to set the Host header

proxy_set_header Host upstreamhostname;

It wasn't exactly clear any any docs (on their end) this was necessary but
glad it's solved and makes some sense as well I suppose.

Thanks for all your suggestions Francis.

Francis Daly Wrote:
> On Wed, Jan 02, 2019 at 11:57:51AM -0500, Sesshomurai wrote:
> Hi there,
> >    Yeah, there might be more going on here that meets the eye. But
> here are
> > the curl commands that are producing different results. I am looking
> into
> > the upstream server as well, but the difference would imply
> something about
> > NGINX is not the same as running curl from command line. 
> Correct - nginx and curl make different requests (by default).
> If you use "curl -v", it should show the actual request that it makes.
> If
> you enable the debug log in nginx, you might be able to read from it
> what request nginx makes.
> (Ideally: enable fuller logging on the upstream server and compare the
> requests there -- but it sounds like you d not directly control the
> upstream server.)
> Some differences between nginx and curl which may be important are:
> nginx will make a http/1.0 request; curl will make a http/1.1 request.
> nginx will not include SNI in the http connection; curl will include
> it.
> If you can easily test things, perhaps try making curl request of
> the upstream, using http/1.0 and/or SSLv3 (or some https option that
> omits SNI).
> If you can find a curl request that fails in the same way that the
> nginx request fails, that may point at the nginx config changes that
> will allow the nginx request succeed.
> Good luck with it,
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