Nginx hang and do not respond with large number of network connection in FIN_WAIT state

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Fri Jan 11 03:30:29 UTC 2019

My Current settings are higher except the worker_process

worker_processes  1;
worker_rlimit_nofile 69152;
worker_shutdown_timeout 10s;
thread_pool iopool threads=32 max_queue=65536;

I think the issue is that nginx accumulate ESTABLISHED and CLOSE_WAIT and

>From successive netstat -apn listing I see that it is the CLOSE_WAIT that is
sky-rocketing first

then eventually ESTABLISHED and FIN_WAIT1

The million dollar question is why Apache httpd is handling this situation
of attack quite well on the same server while having Nginx as a reverse
proxy hangs the web stack by TCP state exhaustion?

The symptoms are similar to what is mentioned at

Only thing is that I don't know what must be changed in the config etc to
fix this problem in nginx

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