handling cookie

Kuroishi Mitsuo kuroishi at iij.ad.jp
Wed Jul 31 01:13:38 UTC 2019


I'm developing a module that handles the cookie header for

It's kind of awkward though, the cookie sometimes contains the
same key name. For example,

  Cookie: a=xxx; a=yyy

Currently I use ngx_http_parse_multi_header_lines() like below.

  ngx_str_t buf;
  ngx_str_t key = ngx_string ("a");
  ngx_http_parse_multi_header_lines(&r->headers_in.cookies, &key, &buf);

But the function only seems to be able to get the 1st one.

Is there any way to get the 2nd value? And any idea is welcome.

Thanks in advance.

Kuroishi Mitsuo

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