NGINX Phase Order

Taim T hellot19952003 at
Sun Jun 9 20:20:06 UTC 2019


I am writing a full-page cache module for NGINX. But I ran into some
issues, I searched online for a possible solution, but no success.

What happens is that I need to hook my module in NGX_HTTP_PRECONTENT_PHASE,
so that module can make cache related decisions.

Everything is good, so far caching is working as expected. But the problem
starts to happen when I use try_files module to make WordPress permalinks
works. I checked the source code of try_files module, and it seems it also
hooks into NGX_HTTP_PRECONTENT_PHASE, I can't seem to find a way so that
this module runs first and do its rewriting, and then my module gets fired.

Any pointers are appreciated.

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