Nginx base Image: open-source (free) vs commercial (paid version)?

Suleman Butt suleman.butt at
Thu Jun 13 16:25:53 UTC 2019

Dear NGinx Community User,

I am building my Angular app where inside my dockerfile I am using Nginx base image for publishing the content:
E.g. FROM nginxinc/nginx-unprivileged:1.16-alpine or FROM nginx:alpine

Everything works fine so far, but here is a list of my questions:

  *   My understanding is that it is legal for me (my company) to use the above NGinx open-source image as base for building my commercial application?
  *   In what circumstances should I consider going for a commercial (licensed) paid version of Nginx base image? Let me elaborate a bit on this point: I am not an Nginx expert and I am not sure what additional benefit I can get out of buying a commercial version of Nginx base image. If my application's front-end (hosted inside Nginx) works fine and the base image (open-source) fulfills my application's requirement, what additional benefit can I get by going with the commercial one?
  *   Is the only reason in my case then that I can get an official support/SLA from Nginx if I go for their commercial Nginx base image offering? How often one could require an official support from Nginx for their Angular application hosted inside Nginx? I know it's a bit vague question, but I am just looking for some general trend.
  *   What is generally a common industry trend when it comes to hosting a standard Angular 7 app inside Nginx: Is it common that companies opt for an open-source one over a commercial Ngixn base image or vice versa?
  *   What else could be a general criteria for accessing a risk that is whether to go for an open-source one or a commercial Nginx base image?
  *   Any other tip?


Regards Suleman

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