Securing URLs with the Secure Link Module in NGINX

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Hi Francis and thank you for your quick response / support.

Now is more clear how locations and secure link works.

I would like to add the secure link in each m3u8 and ts file but can't modify the files on the fly with the free nginx version, i think nginx plus have this capability ? (receive fmp4 and deliver manifests on the fly)

What you would suggest in case i want to use secure link for all the files?


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On Sat, Jun 15, 2019 at 06:08:07PM +0000, Andrew Andonopoulos wrote:

Hi there,

> In my case the player will request the m3u8 URL:
> https://<domain>/hls/justin-timberlake-encrypted/playlist.m3u8?md5=u808mTXsFSpZt7b8wLvlIw&expires=1560706367
> The response from the server will be:
> Justin_Timberlake_416_234_200.m3u8
> Justin_Timberlake_480_270_300.m3u8

> Can I instruct Nginx to use secure link only for the playlist.m3u8 and not for the other m3u8 and ts files?


I am not sure why you would do that; or what benefit it will give you;
but that's ok. I do not need to understand that part.

In nginx, a request in handled in a location.

So you want one location that will handle playlist.m3u8 requests and
does the secure_link thing; and a separate location that will handle
all of the other /hls/ requests.

I think you want to proxy_pass all of the requests, so you need proxy_pass
in both locations.

I think you want lots of common config -- add_header, proxy_hide_header --
so it is probably simplest to use nested locations to allow inheritance
rather than duplication.

For example (untested):

  location /hls/ {

    # all of the common config goes here


    location ~ /playlist\.m3u8$ {
      secure_link $arg_md5,$arg_expires;
      secure_link_md5 "enigma$hls_uri$secure_link_expires";

      if ($secure_link = "") { return 403; }
      if ($secure_link = "0") { return 410; }


Adjust to fit the rest of your requirements.

Good luck with it,

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