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I am using NGINX (1.17.0) as a reverse proxy with cache. I want the cache to be updated even when the client closes the connection before the response is delivered to the client. 

Will setting proxy_ignore_client_abort to on do this?

The client makes a HTTP range request on a large resource.
NGINX determines that the resource is not in the cache and forwards the request upstream.
Upstream starts delivering the resource, and NGINX starts caching the resource (in temp file).
Client times out and closes the connection to NGINX.

Questions: with proxy_ignore_client_abort on;
Will nginx continue to download the rest of the resource from the upstream server?
Will nginx move the resource from the temp file to the cache file?

The discussion referenced below implies that the upstream connection is still closed when nginx fails to send the response to the client.
In the case of a range request, nginx will send the response once the requested range is available, and thus before the resource is completely downloaded.
Therefore, this would imply that the resource will not be cached, regardless of the value of the proxy_ignore_client_abort directive.,253026,253029#msg-253029 <,253026,253029#msg-253029>



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