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I am new to NGINX and looking for advice on how to configure NGINX. 

Here is what I am trying to accomplish for my cloud infrastructure. 

Have NGINX configured with a public IP (65.x.x.x.) . I need to use TCP for my application ( not http ). I would like to have a client hit the public IP with a location ( 65.x.x.x.x\12345) and have that connection forwarded to a LAN IP. 


Client1 - application hits 65.x.x.x./12345 port 11001 and that connection forwarded to a VM at 
Client2 - application hits 65.x.x.x./56789 port 11001 and that connection forwarded to a VM at 
Client3 - application hits 65.x.x.x./24681 port 11001 and that connection forwarded to a VM at 

can anyone point me in the right direction from a configuration aspect. I think I need to use the stream option just not sure what other options I need to send a specific "location" to a specific server. I could also use subdomains if that is required (12345.65.X.X.X to 

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