Possible memory leak?

wkbrad nginx-forum at forum.nginx.org
Fri Mar 8 15:39:10 UTC 2019

Hi Anoop!

I thought you might have been the nDeploy guy and I've been planning on
bringing this up with you too.  We actually have several servers licensed
with you.  :)

And they do have the same issue but you're still misunderstanding what the
problem is.

I completely understand that when the reload happens it should use 2x the
ram.  That's expected.  What is not expected is that the ram stays at that
level AFTER the reload is complete.

Let's look at an example from a live Xtendweb server.  Here is the ram usage
after a restart.
 30.5 MiB +   1.4 GiB =   1.5 GiB	nginx (4)

And here is the ram usage after a reload.
 28.4 MiB +   2.8 GiB =   2.9 GiB	nginx (4)

The reload is completely finished at that point with no workers in shutting
down state and it's now using 2x the ram.  Now if I use the binary reload
process next it goes back down.
 26.1 MiB +   1.5 GiB =   1.5 GiB	nginx (4)

Again, I'm not talking about what SHOULD be happening.  It's totally normal
and expected for it to use 2x the ram DURING the reload.  It's not expected
for it to continue using 2x the ram AFTER the reload is finished.


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