Where does the content get stored?

waleedkh nginx-forum at forum.nginx.org
Wed Mar 20 06:18:29 UTC 2019

Hi There, I have a question I am hoping someone can assist with.

I have a setup with a front end Nginx server on a public IP and two end
servers on private IP's.

I am using PHP-FPM fastcgi to do my upstream load balancing on NGinx. 

Each server is a clone of the original NGinx server with all the web content
sitting on all three of them.

My question is where does that content actually get served from? I suspect
it is only on the front end NGinx server.

Does this mean the web content files can then be removed on the back end
servers (on private IP)?

If so, is it just fastcgi processing that would then happen on the back end
servers, so there is no need to have any of the web application files
running on it?

There is also a Ruby web service running on all of them, so would that
server only be running on the front end Nginx server?


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