Nginx Reverse Proxy Lowercase URL and some exceptions to the URL

Francis Daly francis at
Thu Oct 3 15:55:46 UTC 2019

On Thu, Oct 03, 2019 at 11:36:27AM -0400, Alex Med wrote:

Hi there,

> 1- this location is not respected since the configuration lowercases all
> uris without respecting these locations.  Please note that api,
> contentAssets, categoryServlet are paths, not directories or folders.

Which part of the configuration does the lowercasing?

I don't see where $my_uri_to_lowercase is set.

> 2.  It seems that if I am in a reverse proxy I have to input the proxy
> definition in every location because otherwise it does not work.  Is the a
> more practical way to do this?

You need proxy_pass in each location{} where you want to reverse proxy

But all of the other directives will inherit from the outer level (if
not set in the location).

> Thank you for all your help!

If the problem remains, can you show a request that you make, the response
that you get, and describe the response that you want instead?

It may help make clearer what is happening.


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