IOS keep asking password with nginx auth_basic

tiendungitd nginx-forum at
Tue Oct 15 03:07:43 UTC 2019

Hi there,
I'm using nginx auth_basic "Restricted area" to protect website. So users
have to enter user/pass one time to access, it work fine in computer.
However, When testing with Ipad, everytime access to particular page which
page extension is .ivp, it will require a credential, once I submit
user/password, I can continue to work in this website. I think my issue
similar to,
but I did not using .htaccess to try with the solution mentioned in this

As you can see in access log, when I submited
a POST request, then browser will have GET request to ivp page, and got a
401 code which is require to enter user/password. Any idea of what might be
causing this?

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