auth_request with vhost conf files

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Wed Apr 8 09:12:59 UTC 2020

Francis Daly Wrote:
> > do need the 
> > resolver;
> > proxy_pass
> > 
> > but is there another way of getting it to use a local link to the
> vhost
> > defined server?
> I'm not quite sure where "the thing that handles the /auth/auth.php
> request" is running. "proxy_pass" is for "something other than this
> server{} block", so if this "local link" is effectively remote, then
> proxy_pass is probably good to use.

This is where I am struggling a bit ;) and is probably the real question.
The web side is handled by nginx, and the dynamic stuff by php-fpm, so I
need 'auth' to run an instance of php-fpm ... or at least that is where I
think I am ... except of cause auth is processing requests that would not
normally use php at all. So perhaps all I need to do is simply run it like a
php file? proxy_pass was working on the local test setups ... but using
'localhost' while the vhost system does not have a single 'localhost' ... I
just need to use the right root.

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