All I want for easter is a working module

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Sun Apr 12 06:32:07 UTC 2020

Gee, glad I don't need to ask for help often. Usually providing a minimal
working example to replicate a problem and a concise description of the
problem is a good thing. I'm a member of quite a few communities that I
provide support for and this would have been an easy case of "your usage of
that method looks correct to me".

Anyway it turns out that this is undocumented quirk. The default config (
<>) provided
for building a module builds a CORE type module which is initialized before
the event system (add has no return value, and debug logs the correct
output regardless). The documentation should probably mention that the
ngx_add_timer is not available by default, also it would probably also be a
good idea for the ngx_add_timer example to actually include a call to

Anyway enjoy Easter everyone, it sounds like you all need to destress.

On Sun, 12 Apr 2020 at 14:55, Bee.Lists <bee.lists at> wrote:

> I think he’s saying that there’s more to this than posting code and saying
> “no worky”.
> State what you want, what you have, what you’ve tried, and what you think
> might be going wrong.  Simply posting your code and expecting other
> troubleshooters to solve your issue, is the wrong approach.
> HE…nor anybody...doesn’t need to ask for your private code to answer your
> questions.
> At the best of times, the world is challenging.  Currently, it’s not so
> good.  You’ll attract more bees with honey.
> > On Apr 11, 2020, at 8:58 PM, Mathew Heard <me at> wrote:
> >
> > J.R,
> >
> > You won't find it publicly as all it is a testing module with the goal
> of establishing a working timer. If you want the source code for it you
> need only ask. Here you go.
> Cheers, Bee
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