Nginx wp-admin access control

P.V.Anthony anthony at
Wed Apr 15 11:36:41 UTC 2020

On 15/4/20 6:52 pm, Lawrence wrote:

> I have 5 seperate sites under sites-enabled.
> Each site has it's own config file where I have tried to manage and 
> block access to my  two wordpress sites on wp-admin/wp-login.
> The site and 
> are running on wordpress.
> The issue I have is that literally thousands of attempts are made on the 
> site everyday trying to access the wp-admin or wp-login

Please note that I am not an expert. Just something that I am using 
currently and it works for me.

if ( $request_uri = "/something?place=2" ) {
rewrite ^${uri}?${args}? last;

Please check with others also.


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