aarch64 packages for other Linux flavors

Konstantin Pavlov thresh at nginx.com
Tue Apr 21 17:22:22 UTC 2020

Hi Emilio,

15.04.2020 14:21, Emilio Fernandes wrote:
>         Our policy is to provide packages for officially upstream-supported
>         distributions.
>         https://wiki.centos.org/FAQ/General#What_architectures_are_supported.3F
>         states that they only support x86_64, and aarch64 is unofficial.
>     Here is something you may find interesting.
>     https://github.com/varnishcache/varnish-cache/pull/3263 - a PR I've
>     created for Varnish Cache
>     project.<https://github.com/varnishcache/varnish-cache/pull/3263>
>     It is based on Docker + QEMU and builds packages for different
>     versions of Debian/Ubuntu/Centos/Alpine for both x64 and aarch64.
> Nice work, Martin!
> @Konstantin: any idea when the new aarch64 packages will be available ?
> May we help you somehow ?

I've just published RHEL8/CentOS8 aarch64 packages for nginx stable on
http://nginx.org/packages/rhel/8/aarch64/.  The mainline will follow the
suit soon, as well as proper documentation on

With Alpine, it is proving to be more difficult than we thought, as
there are problems runing those on AWS EC2 which we use on our build
farm: https://github.com/mcrute/alpine-ec2-ami/issues/28 .

Konstantin Pavlov

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