When does NGINX start logging

Reinis Rozitis r at roze.lv
Sat Aug 1 09:24:36 UTC 2020

> I'm going over some Web Server STIGs (referenced here:
> https://www.stigviewer.com/stig/web_server_security_requirements_guide
> /) to make sure my NGINX web server is configured to comply with those
> security requirements. One of the requirements is that "The web server must
> initiate session logging upon start up." So my question is: Are there any
> NGINX documentation or resource that shows NGINX starts logging as soon
> as it's started before any requests are handled?

Imho for that to be true you would need to run nginx in debug mode with debug log.

Since for a typical request / web application there is usually  one line in the access log as the webserver has to wait for the upstream (or even on disk) to return the response (based on it has to decide on the http return code / content length etc).


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