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Thu Aug 6 16:25:41 UTC 2020

On Thu, Aug 06, 2020 at 09:48:55AM -0600, Rick Gutierrez wrote:
> El jue., 6 ago. 2020 a las 6:29, Francis Daly (<francis at>) escribió:

Hi there,

> > Can you see what the html-or-javascript that tells the browser where to
> > POST the request, says about where to POST the request?
> The country file, is a javascript, performs the task, only that url
> that calls is where the controller is, that verifies if it edits or
> saves, and the proxy reverse does not interpret it that way because it
> is only a folder address, not a file address per that's it send a 404.

As I understand it, your nginx conf says (basically)

  location / {
    proxy_pass http://backend29;

so every request to nginx gets sent to the backend server. nginx does
not know or care about files or folders; it proxy_pass:es all requests.

So the 404 comes from the backend server, because the app causes the
browser to ask for /agregareditar and not for /pais/agregareditar.

> I am not a programmer, the country folder has several files.
> # Pais ls
> AgregarEditar.cshtml ListaPaises.cshtml
> Index.cshtml         Pais.txt
> >
> > > any ideas?
> >
> > Maybe something like "location = /pais { return 301 /pais/; }" in
> > your nginx config will help, if the upstream server should do that but
> > does not?
> a little slower here, this would have to go down to the first
> location, so what you tell me:
> location = /pais { return 301 /pais/; }"

My guess is that your browser's first request is for "/pais",
and that returns something from the backend that says "ask for
agregareditar". And the browser correctly resolves "/pais" +
"agregareditar" to "/agregareditar". But that is not what you want.

My guess is that if your browser's first request is for "/pais/" (with
a / at the end), then what is returned from the backend will be the
same; but now the browser will resolve "/pais/" + "agregareditar" to
"/pais/agregareditar", which (hopefully) is what you want.

If that does work -- if you start by asking for "/pais/" and everything
works as you want it to -- then you can tell nginx to intercept the first
request for "/pais", and tell the browser to instead ask for "/pais/". And
then things might work.

You can tell nginx to do that one-interception by putting

  location = /pais { return 301 /pais/; }

in the same file as your main config, just before the

  location / {

line that you showed.

If your application does *not* work when you start by requesting "/pais/",
then this change to nginx will not fix things for you.

Right now, I see no evidence of a problem in the nginx config; only in
the backend application.

Maybe some evidence will appear, if there is still a problem.

Good luck with it,

Francis Daly        francis at

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