Why Nginx send traffic to the next upstream on 504 error

stmx38 nginx-forum at forum.nginx.org
Sun Aug 9 14:45:14 UTC 2020

Maxim, thank you for reply!

Some additional question here:
1. If we will remove 'timeout' will Nginx send traffic to the next upstream
on 502 error?
2. More general question related the the Q.1. When Nginx interpret reply as
502 - on timeout, if yes - on which one? We have a lot of timeouts defined
in the main config:
  client_header_timeout 30s;
  client_body_timeout   30s;
  send_timeout          65s;

  proxy_connect_timeout 5s;
  proxy_send_timeout    65s;
  proxy_read_timeout    65s;


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