Connection timeout on SSL with shared hosting

nathanpgibson nginx-forum at
Thu Aug 13 20:18:31 UTC 2020

Thanks for the reply, Thomas.

> You said this is "shared hosting" - when you say "shared hosting" do you
> mean this is *not* a dedicated machine but one machine out of many in a
> shared environment?

Sorry, I meant virtual hosting. 

> Have you tested briefly by disabling your firewall just to see if that
> fixes the issue?

When I disable UFW I get the same nmap results. Somebody else configured the
server previously, so there could be something besides UFW interfering, but
I'm not sure where to check for that.

> What is the backend?  You're passing everything to 8080 which suggests
> the backend might be having issues too.

8080 is eXist-db running in a docker container (for and
standalone (for There are no issues connecting to these via

Any thoughts what to try next?

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