Multiple MAP implementation issue

brutuz nginx-forum at
Fri Aug 21 15:46:44 UTC 2020

I have this map statements

=== This works well ======

map http_header1 var1 {
default "abc"
1a "def"
1b "ghi"


map http_header2 var2 {
default "123"
2a "445"
2b "678"

map http_header3 finalvar {
default "xxxx"
aaaa $var1
bbbb $var2


Now I need to do regex on http_header3.. 

if I change the last map statement to..

map http_header3 finalvar {
default "xxxx"
~aaaa $var1
~bbbb $var2

This causes ERROR too much redirects.. so im confused...

Any input is appreciated.

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