Is this an attack or a normal request?

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My VPS is on digital Ocean. Oh and I block them too. And Linode. I am an equal opportunity blocker.

Google is a little tricky to find the IP space. Remember you don't want to block Google search. In fact you should create an account with Google to help them find your website. The suggested method is to get the IP space from their SPF.

AWS has a json scheme to document their space.

I don't  block complete ASNs. Sometimes there are corporate accounts there. They have eyeballs. will get just the entity that is doing the hacking.

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> At a minimum I suggest blocking all Amazon AWS. No eyeballs there,
> just hackers. Also block all of OVH.

Great suggestions.  Also, block all of Digital Sewer ... err Digital Ocean.

Once you catch a bad actor IP, and if you want to block the entire network,
drop the ASN from a `whois` of the bad actor IP into

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