Connection timeout on SSL with shared hosting

nathanpgibson nginx-forum at
Tue Aug 25 09:25:05 UTC 2020

Thanks so much, Francis Daly! This is a huge help in isolating the problem.

Based on the nginx access log, IPv6 requests to port 443 are getting to
nginx but IPv4 requests to port 443 are not. But they are getting to
tcpdump. All I see there is a bunch of packets with the tcpflag [S]. I take
it this means the handshake is not completing.

It was easy to confirm this by turning off IPv6 in my browser, at which
point https stopped resolving for the site in the browser but I could see
the packets coming in on tcpdump.

So presumably some sort of firewall on the local server machine--probably
one I didn't configure or know about! I'll try to figure out how to find
that blockage. 

In any case, apparently not an nginx issue, as you rightly perceived.

Thanks again for the help!

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