Implement Digest authentication on Nginx behind a proxy

kev jr wi2p at
Tue Dec 15 14:07:09 UTC 2020

Hi everyone,

I try to implement digest authentication on Nginx.

The architecture is the following :
Server A is the client
Server B is the proxy (a API solution which only transmits the request as a proxy)
Server C is my Nginx server where I configure the Digest authentification

I have the following error, when my client try to connect to my Nginx through the proxy :
uri mismatch - <proxyuri> does not match request-uri <nginxuri>

because the client (server A) send the following parameter for the authentication
Digest username="client", realm="Test", nonce="xxxxxx", uri="proxyuri", cnonce="xxxx=", nc=xxxx, qop=auth, response="xxx", algorithm=MD5\r\n

The client (server A) send the proxyuri, and the Nginx server (server C) waiting for the nginxuri.

Do you know which parameter, I need to add in my Nginx configuration to perform the connection ?
Or Do you know, if it's possible to implement Digest authentication on Nginx behind a proxy ?

For your information, the direct connection Client to Nginx server with Digest authentication works fine.
I have the same problem in a Apache configuration.

Thanks for your help,

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