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Thu Dec 31 16:50:50 UTC 2020

Hi, Grzegorz.  I'm with the Ubuntu Server Team and can answer this directly.

The NGINX upstream repository does NOT follow the structure of the 
package as it is in Ubuntu and Debian.  The snippets directory and 
sites-available and sites-enabled directories and includes as part of 
the default configuration are Ubuntu-isms and Debian-isms.  These are 
only present in Debian/Ubuntu variants (and possibly other 
distropackages of NGINX) and are NOT from's repositories.

The snippets/ directory in Ubuntu and Debian I believe is prepopulated 
with the snakeoil.conf which is only for the ssl-cert package generated 
self-signed SSL certificate configuration to be included.  It is, 
however, simply a directory that holds files, and you simply include 
configurations with `include snippets/blah;` (to include the file 'blah' 
which is in 'snippets'.

You can create that directory yourself and then just include individual 
snippets from there.  In Ubuntu/Debian it is not automatically included 
*anywhere* in the package shipped configuration, it's used to hold handy 
snippets you might want to include in many places.


On 12/30/20 11:05 AM, Grzegorz Cze?nik wrote:
> Hi,
> I installed Nginx 1.19.6 from the official repository 
> Compared to the official Ubuntu repository version 1.19.6, I cannot 
> see the snippets directory in /etc/nginx. Has anything changed in this 
> case? Can I create this catalog myself?
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