DNS load balancing issue

Maxim Konovalov maxim at nginx.com
Wed Feb 19 07:55:14 UTC 2020

Hi Satay,

On 19.02.2020 09:09, Satay Epic wrote:
> Hello,
> I've NGINX 1.12-1 running on CentOS 7.2 and being used for DNS load
> balancing. However I'm seeing lots of errors in the "dns.log".. I've
> no access to the system right now but error was like.. "No response
> received from the upstream server" The occurrence of the errors is no
> continuous but it's pretty frequent.
> The three backend servers are  Windows 2012 R2 DNS servers
> I will provide the nginx.conf details soon.
> I may have to do some tuning besides upgrade to an appropriate version
> I guess.  Can anyone help to suggest/recommend tuning to minimize the
> errors or rather not to have them at all?
What I can recommend is to upgrade nginx 1.12 to the most recent 1.17
version (i.e. 1.17.8).   We added tons of improvements into the tcp/udp
load balancing capabilities since 1.12 times.

Maxim Konovalov

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