rewriting $arg into request.

Steve Wilson lists-nginx at
Fri Jan 31 01:13:30 UTC 2020

I'm currently in the process of transitioning from wordpress to hugo.
For anyone not familiar with these, wordpress is php based and hugo 
outputs static content (keeping it simple)
Currently wordpress is using ugly urls for posts, so "/?p=1234" in 
wordpress might be "/this_nice_title" in hugo.
Now hugo allows me to specify aliases too which I'd like to leverage to 
maintain links, but this is where I seem to be struggling with 
rewrite/map etc.

Am I missing a way to access the arguments?

What I'm currently wanting to do is rewrite "/?p=1234" to "/1234/", 
"/p=1234/" or even "/p1234/" but can't figure it out.

Anyone got an easy way to do this, or a better way?



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