SNI support in `mail` context (fixed formatting)

Denis Sh. denok at
Mon Jul 6 18:39:30 UTC 2020

so, I think passtrhru AUTH IMAP and POP works out of the box now.

It's only SMTP that NGINX never even tries to AUTH against backed.

I wonder why this decision was taken? 

06.07.2020, 11:27, "Chris Adams" <linux at>:
> Once upon a time, Denis Sh. <denok at> said:
>>   Also, I wasn't able to find a reason why NGINX intentionally doesn't support passing thru the AUTH to the backend for SMTP, same as with IMAP/POP?
> I looked at adding this, using ID for IMAP and XCLIENT for POP3 (what
> Dovecot supports)... didn't get the time and don't need it now, but it
> didn't look like it would be too difficult to implement.
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