Multiple SSL web sites with nginx

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Mon Jul 13 00:41:22 UTC 2020

> On Jul 12, 2020, at 3:08 PM, Ian Hobson <hobson42 at> wrote:
> This is not correct, see where it says
> Syntax:	server { ... }
> Default:	—
> Context:	http
> Sets configuration for a virtual server. There is no clear separation between IP-based (based on the IP address) and name-based (based on the “Host” request header field) virtual servers. Instead, the listen directives describe all addresses and ports that should accept connections for the server, and the server_name directive lists all server names.
> So the ports are defined in the listen directive, and the server names in the server_name directive.
> Your approach of multiple https servers works fine on my kit with the approach you have taken.
> Suggest there may be a typo in your configuration - try
> sudo nginx -t
> to prove both servers are loaded.

They are both on the same server.  Same IP.  With the same port number, there’s nothing deciphering between the two other than server_name.  Hence using server_name as the forward.  I don’t even know how one could use port number as the request.  

If you look at the example he posted, there was no default.   

Cheers, Bee

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