How to connect Remote shared folder with password

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Hi there,

I don't fully follow your design and expectations in this context, but...

> We use 3 servers, web, app & db servers for our php application.
> The issue happens when we wanted to connect a shared folder in app server from our web server where the nginx is running.
> Web server - NGINX is installed
> App server - our PHP application sources are available in a shared folder which can be connected thru username & password

...if you want nginx to serve files from a filesystem, you will probably
have most luck if you make sure that the filesystem is available to nginx,
outside of nginx -- mount it as a shared drive, or use a network file
system that presents it as if it were local, so that nginx is just doing
normal local-filesystem things.

However -- nginx does not "do" php, so nginx does not need to care what
or where your php source files are. Typically, you will run a fastcgi
service which does need to access those files; and nginx will tell that
service what filename it should run for this specific request

If you do want nginx to access files provided by a remote service, then
you'll need to make sure that your nginx can speak whatever protocol
your remote service speaks. Often that is http, using nginx's proxy_pass
directive. (Although in that case, nginx isn't accessing files; it is
receiving the response of a http request.)

Good luck with it,

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