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On 29.06.20 21:50, siva.pannier wrote:
> Hi,
> I am new to Nginx and I could validate some of the reverse proxy scenarios
> in Windows and Ubuntu machine successfully. However I am facing challenges
> on validating them on Openshift cluster platform.
> I am new to Docker/Kubernetes/Openshift. I am able to deploy the below Nginx
> image in Openshift  and hit the welcome page url successfully.
> ""
> Now I want to achieve the below things on the image.
> 1) Want to know what is the nginx version deployed on the above image.

You can see the image version in this line in the template.

When you deployed nginx whith the README command the will you have nginx 1.12
`oc new-app centos/nginx-112-centos7~`

> 2) Want to customize the nginx.conf file frequently and update my container
> with the latest changes.

My suggestion is to use a configmap and mount it to the nginx conf dir.

The command are for the version abouve:

oc create configmap nginx-conf--from-file=nginx.conf=/path/to/your/local/nginx.conf
oc set volume dc/<YOUR-nginx-DC> --add --name=nginx-conf \
   --mount-path=/etc/opt/rh/rh-nginx112/nginx/nginx.conf --type=configmap \

> 3) Want to use the latest version of nginx.

This requires some more tasks.
My suggestion:
* Create a Dockerfile with a "FROM nginx"
* Create a nginx conf and a configmap as described above.
* put everything into a git repository
* call ` oc new-app git-repo`

OpenShift will the create a BC/DC/SVC for you.
It is necessary to create a route to access the nginx setup.

`oc create route edge nginx --service=<Your-Service>`

This could be a good start point for further adoption.

> 4) Want to know how to locate the nginx.conf file and other nginx files
> deployed through the above image.

This could be done via configmaps. The configmaps are limited to ~1MB afaik.

> 5) When I open a POD terminal, I can see Nginx 1.12 files are deployed in
> /etc/nginx, can I upgrade this to latest version? are these files created by
> the deployment of the above image?

As describe above I would recommend to create your own image with your requirements.

> Please clarify & help me on the above queries.

OpenShift have a quite detailed documentation. I strongly recommend to take a look there.

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