Elasticsearch Native Binary Protocol through NGiNX Stream

galew nginx-forum at forum.nginx.org
Wed Mar 4 07:41:15 UTC 2020


I have tried to ask from Elasticsearch forums and googled everywhere, but
with no help so I registered here.
I am using NGiNX to cover my Elasticsearch clusters and all the clients
connect through them.

Everything else works fine to both the http and non-http traffic. The
problem is the Liferay client using Elasticsearch Native Binary Protocol.
Without NGiNX everything works right so NGiNX somehow does not understand

Using Elasticsearch 6.8.6
Nginx 1.15.9
Red Hat 7.7

stream {
include /etc/nginx/conf.d/elasticsearch_tcp.conf;

server {
proxy_buffer_size 16k;

Any ideas for what I could try please?

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