assigning different SSL cert -- per ingress/listener IP?

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Wed May 6 15:04:52 UTC 2020

I have a single Nginx server configured to listen on two IPs on my VPS host
-- an external/public IP (X.X.X.55) and an internal/LAN IP (

Atm, it's a *single* "server_name" ( for both IPs ...
handled by a split-horizon DNS that returns the IP address for that hostname
depending on the query origin -- public net, or internal LAN.

It works as expected.

I'd _like_ to setup different SSL cert/key/CA handshake configs to be used
-- depending on the ingress IP.


for ingress via internal/LAN IP (, I want to use an internally
generated, self-signed cert -- from my own/local CA -- with ssl verify ON,


for ingress via external/public IP (X.X.X.55), I want to use a
LetsEncrypt-generated public cert, with ssl verify OFF.

Is this^ possible with Nginx config?  Any examples?

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