nginx update to 1.18.0 broke my wsl ubuntu 16.04 set up

Bruce Klein brucek at
Mon May 11 18:39:22 UTC 2020

Does anyone have nginx 1.18.0 running successfully on WSL?

Previous versions have worked fine for me the past couple years as long as
the standard WSL fix "fastcgi_buffering off" was applied.

I just picked up the 1.18.0 update and now I'm back to the old
net::ERR_INCOMPLETE_CHUNKED_ENCODING errors you used to see with large
pages when fastcgi_buffering was on.

Is it possible that as of the 1.18.0 update a different directive is
required to turn fastcgi_buffering off? Or that nginx is now ignoring this

Anyone have any suggestions for me to try? Thanks for any tips!
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