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Francis Daly francis at
Tue May 12 14:51:39 UTC 2020

On Mon, May 11, 2020 at 06:36:10PM -0400, evulcu wrote:

Hi there,

> I'm trying to set up a reverse proxy with NGNIX on a Ubuntu Server. The
> upstream server is IIS configured with basic authentication working only as
> https since it has a 301 redirection configured on it.

what does

  curl -ik

return? Assuming it is a http 401, then most interesting is the next word
after "WWW-Authenticate:". If it is not "Basic", then your upstream is
not configured the way that you think it is. (And that will block it from
working through stock-nginx.)

> I'm redirect to the upstream server and asked for credential but nothing
> happens. Looks like the credential are not pass to the upstream server.
> Please can somebody help me.

If the above does not show the fix, then:

* what request do you make?
* what response do you want?
* what response do you get instead?

Possibly there will be something interesting in the IIS server logs too.

Good luck with it,

Francis Daly        francis at

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