Provide Grafana dashboard display for Nginx upstream servers health check!

Hari Kumar Gupta ghkgupta at
Thu Oct 22 12:33:26 UTC 2020

> Hi,
> Thank you for your help in advance.
> I was very new to Nginx but I learnt and configured many upstream and
> virtual servers. The learning was adventure and really interesting as I
> move on.
> I had a thought to show upstream health checks on Grafana dashboard but
> unfortunately, I could not find any leads or documentation that could help
> me. How Grafana can be integrated with Nginx for monitoring health check?
> What I was planning to do,
> The configured upstream servers return different formats of data like
> JSON, XML, simple text and so on. My requirement is that, a job that runs
> on scheduled interval, fires a configured request to the upstream server
> (each upstream server has predefined request in properties file or some
> where), validate the output and display the status as health check on
> Grafana dashboard.
> Please help and advise
 BR Hari
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