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Fri Oct 30 11:15:58 UTC 2020


After reviewing the iptables chains workflow, I discovered that the Nginx
Worker ( outside interface was associated with the OUTPUT

    ( OUTPUT ==>
    ($port) PREROUTING ==>                                  
Windows Client ($port) ==> Nginx Master ( |
Nginx Worker ( ==> Upstream Desination Server
                                     <== POSTROUTING (      
                               <== PREROUTING (

Once adding the appropriate iptables OUTPUT rule, using the correct
interface (vlan2), the packets leaving the Nginx Worker (
were then appropriately MARKed and routed to the OpenVPN Tunnel.

# iptables -t mangle -I OUTPUT -o vlan2 -p tcp -m multiport --sport 12345 -j
MARK --set-mark 0x2000/0x2000
Now, I just need to figure out the Nginx SSL Client CA Trust configuration
and we should be in business.

Hope this helps someone in the future.



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