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Sat Oct 31 12:16:41 UTC 2020

Hi Peter!

The high-level problem was to install Nginx on an Asuswrt-Merlin router to
reverse proxy certain websites through an established OpenVPN Split-Tunnel.

To do that, I had to ensure the Nginx Workers were using a specified Source
IP and/or Ephemeral Port which could be MARKed by iptables for routing
through the established OpenVPN Split-Tunnel.

I was able to get it working, but ended up modifying the iptables OUTPUT
rule to match only on the Source IP as Nginx was choking with a single
Ephemeral Port defined.

Now, all I have to do is update my dnsmasq rule; when, I want to add a new
site to reverse proxy through the OpenVPN Spli-Tunnel.

It's BOMB!


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