Full logging

Hans Liss Hans.Liss at uadm.uu.se
Wed Sep 9 09:10:20 UTC 2020


I need a HTTP proxy that can handle requests for a single upstream
server, but also log request headers, raw request body, response headers
and raw response body for each request. Preferably this should be logged
to a separate daily logfile (with date-stamped filename), with
timestamps, but the exact format isn't important.

I understand that nginx doesn't provide full logging like this out of
the box, so I was wondering if it would be difficult to add. Is there a
single well-defined point in the code where an upstream request is ready
to be sent, and a point where the response has been received? I might be
able to take it from there, but it would save a lot of time if I knew
where to do this.

I'm well aware of the performance penalties involved, but for this
particular case, it doesn't matter.

Best regards,


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