NGINX Plus Repo with Certs from Freemium Controller

stephan13360 nginx-forum at
Mon Apr 26 12:50:33 UTC 2021


I started a NGINX Controller Trial andd used the Freemium non expiring
Association token to activate my controller lisence. This worked fine .and
my contorlelr shows as activated

I then followd this guide to download the cert and key for the nginx plus
This also worked.
I then followed the nginx plus Installation guide:
I added the cert and key to /etc/ssl/nginx/ and downloaded the
/etc/apt/apt.conf.d/90nginx file to the apt conf dir. I know apt-get uses
the cert/key because I get an error when moving the cert/key to another

But when i run apt-get update I get:
Err:6 focal InRelease
  403  Forbidden

Any Idea of why my SSL Client cert/Key that I downlaoded from my correctly
lisenced controller is not accepted?

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