Resurrecting the Async Open Discussion

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On Sun, Jul 25, 2021 at 07:33:20AM -0400, NCviQwilt wrote:
> Hello,
> This is a follow up on the discussion started 3 years ago at:
> I can't respond at that forum or topic, so I hope this is the right place.

Actually, it would be really nice to continue the discussion in that thread.
You don't need the forum for that.  Just write to nginx-devel mailing list:

> I'm working at Qwilt, and we too have experienced the 999th percentile
> problem as discussed in Cloudflare's blog post.
> We were happy to see an official patch from Nginx Dev, but sad to see the
> old discussion has since died with no official release.

The reason why it died is we got no feedback from users showing the patches
worked for them.  A few people showed interest, but eventually sent no

> I've started working on applying the patch from the old discussion, but the
> integration isn't smooth since the source code has progressed since then
> (especially with regards to the static module). 

I've updated the series.  Not it applies to the latest nginx source code.

> We'll keep working on it,
> but we're wondering if there are any plans for future official support for
> this feature?
> Otherwise any Nginx upgrade would be difficult.

The best way to make sure the feature is supported is to commit the patches.
As I said before, we need more feedback for that.  Until then we'll try to keep
the patches up-to-date.  But this may become harder as the source code changes.

> We'd be more than happy to help with the testing of the patch.

We'll be happy to get feedback from you.

> Best regards,
> Noam
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