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Fri Dec 31 11:59:46 UTC 2021

I am new to nginx and am trying to get a simple webDAV server running.
I can use GET to read files, but PUT fails.
Using opensuse 15.3.

'# nginx -V
nginx version: nginx/1.20.2
built by gcc 7.5.0 (SUSE Linux) 
configure arguments: --with-http_dav_module'

nginx.conf is as supplied with the following added in 'server':

	location /html/calendar {
		root html/calendar;
		dav_access	group:rw all:r;

and the user changed to 'nginx'

After an unsuccessful PUT, wireshark shows:
'No.	Time	Source	Destination	Protocol	Length	Info
17	5.918827416	HTTP	3133	PUT
/calendar/Geburtstage.ics HTTP/1.1  (text/calendar)
No.	Time	Source	Destination	Protocol	Length	Info
19	5.918956256	HTTP	380	HTTP/1.1 405 Not Allowed 

It seems a permissions problem, but I don't know where.
Linux permissions:

The calendar directory is root:nginx 777
and the calendar files are root:nginx 666

can anyone point me to a starting point?

Many thanks,

Robert von Knobloch.

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