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I am quite new with nginx. And so my problem might be more on a basic
I am running a html website. This is not an official hosted one but more an
internal service webpage of some device. 
It is installed on a PC (PC-device) together with nginx, that supports all
the data needed for the webpage.
If I call the webpage from a connected PC (PC-browser) everything is working
But now I’d like to run a reverse-proxy (PC-proxy) in between. 
So the PC-browser does not see the PC-device anymore.
PC-device is linked to PC-proxy via
PC-browser is linked to PC-proxy via
When I call the webpage now the index.html will be loaded via the proxy-pass
configuration on the PC-proxy (also nginx), but all the next stuff like .js
files and image files are not.
I tested a lot but I am stuck.
This structure of a reverse proxy looks very basic for me. But I don’t get
it run.

My configuration:

      <img src="/images/logo.jpg" …>

      location /images/

      location /device/


=> index.html will be loaded correctly from PC-device, because of the
proxy-pass configuration
=> but the Logo-image, that will be loaded by the index.html, will not be

So, how does a reverse-proxy load data for a webpage ?
How should nginx(PC-proxy) know, where to find the image-file
/images/logo.jpg that is asked for by the webpage ? 
Or is it necessary that all data of the webpage has to be relative to the
starting point “” ?
I am not sure if my misunderstanding is related to the webpage structure or
to the reverse-proxy function.

Thanks for any help.

sorry, I posted this problem already on the german list, but got no answer.

As this english list seems more crowded, I'd like to give it a second try.

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