Using $upstream_response_time in add_header shows a dash

MarioIshac nginx-forum at
Fri Feb 5 20:38:16 UTC 2021

Hello all,

I have this example nginx.conf: to
reproduce the behavior.

I start nginx and an example upstream with:

python3 -u -m http.server 8001 > app.log 2>&1 & sudo nginx > nginx.log 2>&1

Upon hitting nginx with `curl -i localhost:8000`, I see these response

X-Trip-Time: 0.001
X-Status: 200
X-Process-Time: -

`cat app.log` shows that upstream was hit successfully, and `cat nginx.log`
shows that nginx knows the $upstream_response_time at log time, as I get
this log: 200 0.004

Why does nginx substitute the request time and relevant response metadata
(like $upstream_status) at add_header time successfully, yet substitutes the
upstream response time with a dash?

My goal with returning $upstream_response_time in a header is so the client
can know how much of their request latency was due to their upload speeds
vs. server processing time. 


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