How to configure nginx fort UDP and TCP

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Tue Feb 9 09:43:28 UTC 2021

here I have a problem on an NGINX that I do not know at all. I explain to
I would like to put 4 server behind one NGINX server. these servers are not
WEB sites but for deployment of packages, supervision, antivirus. therefore
we do not access sites. So these are servers that discuss with other servers
by agent bias under TCP and UDP ports.
Is it possible to make these agents call an alias to a public IP which would
be the NGINX server which would dispatch the flows according to the alias
called to the servers in question only with the defined ports
ex: my client agent calls the deployment server via UDP port 514, NGINX will
only have to let this UDP port pass to the deployment server which sends the
package back to this client.
How do we do the configuration if possible.
thanking you in advance

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